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Bio-Clean International, Inc. Annual Report (September 30, 2010)
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February 28, 2011 News -- Joint Venture with Air Purifier Products Company, Ionlite Inc. Announced - See More

February 4, 2011 - A Message From Bio-Clean International, Inc.
President & CEO Mike Roth
To the loyal shareholders of Bio-Clean International Inc.;

On behalf of our Board of Directors I want to thank you for your patience with us during these past few months as we have worked to get the company back on its feet while information about the company was slow. We have been working to change the image of the company as well as find different avenues of communication with you the shareholder-while I did enjoy speaking with you when my phone number was put up on the investor relations page, it just became difficult to keep up. Therefore, the company is getting its own page on Facebook as well as Twitter. We will be able to keep you better informed through the social networks so we do hope that you become fans and followers and look forward to your feedback to the information that we will be able to deliver.

As you probably know the company has gone through some changes and while those changes are taking place we are focused on creating new revenue streams through a variety of ways including joint venture. I am pleased to announce that 3 new Joint Ventures have been formed and are in the process of getting the JV Limited Liability Companies up and running; which we believe significant revenue to the company and hopefully will bolster our fundraising efforts.

Over the next few days we will be making the formal announcements for each as our JV partners
must approve the new PR, which will then be posted here on our website, so please keep checking periodically.

Next, please note that since the date of the statement our status with the Pink Sheets has changed-we needed to complete this statement, get our financial reporting up to date and pay the pink sheets their semi-annual fee-the company does not have the funds to pay the required fees. We are in the process of getting the funds to the pink sheets to change the status. Again, we appreciate your patience as the matter should be resolved shortly

Again, with our most sincere thanks to everyone associated with Bio-Clean International Inc.
Thank you.


Mike Roth
President & CEO
Bio-Clean International, Inc. Corporate Headquarters

22431 Antonio Pkwy., #B160-649
Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688

Phone: (949) 269 - 8333

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