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Bio-Clean International, Inc. Signs New
Natural Resources Acquisitions
Joint Venture Agreement with Magna Resources Inc.
Rancho Santa Margarita, California USA -- September 27, 2012 -- PRNewswire

Bio-Clean International, Inc. (Stock Symbol: BCLE) announced today it has entered into a Joint Venture with Manga Resources Corporation., a company that acquires, develops and manages natural resource concessions such as oil and petroleum.

The purpose of the Joint Venture is to conduct the business of providing management and services for the acquisition and development of natural resources focusing on the petroleum industry. Both parties will be equal partners and will share the profits on a “50/50” basis.

Mike Roth, President of Bio-Clean International stated:

“This is another big step for the company as we expand our business further into natural resources development.”

HK Youn, President of Magna Resources said:

“Partnering with Bio-Clean will help us in a variety of areas. We are looking forward to working with BCLE to build a profitable partnership.”

About Bio-Clean International, Inc.

In addition to its investments in various Joint Ventures in electronics and natural resources, Bio-Clean International is a developer of environmentally-safe cleaning products and bio-remediation fluids designed for a variety of uses.

About Magna Resources Corporation

Magna Resources Corp is a company that acquires, develops and manages natural resource concessions such as oil and petroleum.

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